Bates’ Ford

McAdams Blacksmith Shop, BatesfordMessage posted by Jo Mitchell:

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently trying to establish the locations of the various (5) different bridges which have stood at Fyansford over the years and to pinpoint the location of the ford named after the Bates brothers. I know in general terms that it was near the present bridges, but am wondering if anyone has some local knowledge which places the ford more precisely.
I am also keen to know the location of Manifold’s Ford which was located a little further downstream. I can hazard a guess as to where this ford was, but would like some confirmation.
And finally, Bridge Street. All the historical maps I have found indicate that all the bridges have been on a similar alignment to the present bridges. Was there ever a bridge at the end of Bridge St and if so, what sort of bridge was it?
I spent several hours at the Historical Records Centre this afternoon without success and have been over TROVE as thoroughly as I can and still no answers.
Does anyone have some local knowledge which would help please?
With thanks,
Jo Mitchell