This blog will be evolving as I / we experiment to get something workable for former Geelong & District, and Bellarine Peninsula Mailing List Users.

Initially you will be able to post messages using the “Post a Message” contact form – it will have to wait until I can approve it as suitable.

You will also be able to comment on other people’s messages – again you will have to wait but once I approve you as a “suitable” contributor, your future comments will not have to wait.

Once I escalate you from FOLLOWER to AUTHOR you will be able to create a post for discussion and will not need to use the “Post a Message” option.

For AUTHORs – I prefer a Post to ONLY include a thumbnail image (150 x 150) with the option to click on the thumbnail to view the full size / larger image.  If you’re not sure about this I can edit what you’ve done to help you out.  By having a thumbnail on the post / page, it means that followers don’t have to download a large image to read your post.

Enough guidelines for now – let’s try to get this “Mailing List” up and running!