I decided to create this new blog to provide an avenue for frustrated Geelong and District Mailing List users and Bellarine Peninsula Mailing List users!  Both Mailing Lists have both been active on RootsWeb since 1999.

I know that we could create some Yahoo Mailing Lists and I know a Blog isn’t a Mailing List but I plan to experiment anyway – call me silly but I’m trying to be pro-active.

Initially Mailing List “users” will be set up as FOLLOWERS – they can see all blogs (mailing list items) as they are posted and then they can comment on them.  I’m doing this to protect all from unscrupulous posters.  All comments will be vetted but once some has posted an approved comment, they will be able to continue to comment – unless someone oversteps the mark!

Once people have been commenting or were previously active participants I’ll try moving them from FOLLOWERs to AUTHORs so they can post new mailing list items – as I said, I’ll experiment and see how it goes.  One big difference between using the Blog as opposed to a Mailing List – you can include images on a Blog once you are an AUTHOR

If anyone objects to being added as a FOLLOWER, you can easily unsubscribe / unfollow – you have control.

When I see how things are working I may set up auto posting to my Facebook page(s) to encourage more participation but I’ll hold off on that just for the moment.  If anyone has a question that they WANT me to add to the Facebook page(s) just contact me.

Unless otherwise stated, images used on this blog are from my own personal collection or from the Wynd Collection (I have permission from the late Ian Wynd to use these images).