Mailing List – open for business

Barrabool InnI think I’ve got most of what I need working – there’s only one way to find out!  The beautiful image of the Barrabool Inn has little to do with this Mailing List except that:

  • It’s in our region
  • It’s a beautiful photo
  • It’s a beautiful building
  • I really dislike adding posts without an attractive image
  • Just because I wanted to!

Please start following our Mailing List which incorporates the former RootsWeb Mailing Lists for Geelong and District, and for the Bellarine Peninsula.

I’ll probably add a post incorporating the information from the Welcome messages on the RootsWeb lists – things like the towns / region covered and other hopefully useful suggestions.

Welcome everyone!

Author: Susie Zada

It really doesn't matter if it's Local History or Family History [genealogy] - I just love it ... Susie Zada

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